Think bigger, think better…beyond the boardroom.

Get out of the bored-room! Off-site meeting spaces are essential when you need to facilitate free and creative thinking and increase productivity.  Our unique, inspired spaces are perfect for energizing your team off-sites, corporate training, brainstorming and strategic planning sessions.  

The conference rooms at KC Conference Center come equipped with everything you need — up-to-date technology, full-service hospitality and tech support staff, premium amenities and more. 

Our multiple configurations for brainstorming and breakout sessions will help your team truly engage.  We’ll customize the environment to meet your exact specifications and provide an atmosphere that stimulates new ideas, learning and team building.

Get away from the workplace.
Book a “recess” for your team today.

Why Choose Us?

  • No more stuffy (and boring) hotel meeting rooms.
  • No more fees for package delivery and handling
  • No more chasing down the A/V person if you have trouble
  • Bright windows and artwork to inspire creativity, focus and your team’s best work
  • Hip and walkable neighborhood
  • Easy walk to transit from all downtown and midtown lodging
  • Flex space for large events/banquets
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