Not all meeting spaces are created equal.  Finding a meeting room rental may seem straightforward, but it’s easy to overlook things that could end up costing you. Here are a few essentials to consider before booking.

Facility Offerings

When searching for a meeting room rental, find out exactly what the facilities will provide for you. If it’s not included in the meeting room rental cost, it’s a new line item that you’ll need to budget for. A few basic things you may need in your meeting room space: reliable event wi-fi, printers, or video conferencing capabilities. Think about all aspects of your meeting and the equipment you’ll need.

On-site support is another factor to consider before you choose your meeting space rental. Does the rental space offer on-site support such as IT staff or on-site caterers?  These extra perks can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. Be sure to get a clear understanding of what kind of support is included with your meeting rental before you select a venue.

Convenience and Accessibility

Keep your attendees in mind when selecting a meeting room rental.  Ideally, there should be very little travel involved to get to the meeting or event. While it could be cheaper to choose a meeting venue that is a little bit far away, it could be inconvenient for your attendees.  If travel is required, make it as seamless as possible. Consider on-site parking and the availability of public transportation.

For those attendees who may need additional physical accessibility, find a space that can accommodate. Check for ramps, elevators, etc. These may not be immediately obvious so it’s best to ask your venue provider to point them out.

Meeting Room Ambiance

You want to choose a meeting space that compliments the nature of your meeting. Don’t sacrifice meeting room ambiance and amenities in the name of saving money.

Pick a room that is comfortable, modern and projects professionalism. If the meeting is a day-long workshop you may need to consider a flexible meeting space with on-site catering. If presentations will be on the meeting’s agenda you’ll need to make sure that your meeting room has the proper technology to support it. Take into consideration the size of the room and lighting options to match the best room for the meeting as well.

Overall Cost and Payment

It’s easy to overlook small or hidden costs of planning a meeting that can really add up.  Are there setup and strike fees that could potentially break your budget? How much will taxes end up costing you? What about access to electrical power? It’s a good idea to run through the exact costs of the meeting room rentals and potential hidden costs before signing on the dotted line.

Also consider the payment terms. Is a deposit required? If so, what percentage? When will the balance be due? What are the payment options available – credit card or check? Are there credit card fees added on? Finding out the when you’ll need to pay and how much will help you select the best meeting room rental for your budget.

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